ALL OMYSA volunteers that are in a position of care for children, vulnerable adults, personal information or team finances (i.e. coaches, managers and their assistants) are required to complete a criminal record check (CRC), regardless of the age of the volunteer.

If you have had a CRC done in the past three years, for the purpose of working with children, from another association and can provide a copy of it, we will accept that.  Please scan and email to

If not, follow the steps below: 

Online Form –

 – Have your driver’s license ready !
– Go to the Online Link: 

– Scroll to the bottom and type the following access code in the box:

Access Code: BJKLTL5R2C
This only takes a few minutes to complete – there will be no cost to you.

Please complete your criminal record check as soon as possible.
Please note some coaches will need to be fingerprinted.  This is required if your birthdate and gender match that of a sex offender in Canada.  If this is the case, you will receive a letter to take to the RCMP office on Doyle Avenue. The fee for fingerprinting is $30.  You will be reimbursed upon emailing the receipt to