OMYSA Policy for Teams Entering Tournaments

When an OMYSA team wishes to enter a BC sanctioned tournament, then the following criteria must be met.

• Teams are not allowed to be ‘select’ teams. You can only enter your team into tournaments and pick up players as needed per this policy document. It is the policy of OMYSA that you FIRST give every chance to play in tournaments to your own players. You should not pick up players to replace players who are available.

• OMYSA teams cannot enter any non-sanctioned BC tournaments. This is due to insurance coverage. Tournaments in the US may be allowable, but you should always check first if you are covered for any given tournament with OMYSA or COYSA.

• A team cannot enter any tournament that overlaps on regular COYSA House league play. Priority must always be given to scheduled games.

• If you cannot field your full team or want more subs than your regular season team, then you can pick up players ONLY from same level clubs. This means you cannot pick up players from a higher level like KU and TOFC. OMYSA policy states you always try to first select from existing OMYSA players. If that is not possible, then you may select from other clubs (KYSA, WYSA, LYSA, or RYSA) but you will need permission from the both the coach of the team you are selecting the player from and their club, as well as COYSA to do that.

• NOTE: Check to see what the maximum player limit is for your tournament.

Once your roster is set, you will need to FIRST submit the list for approval to OMYSA. We will then ensure all players are registered with OMYSA and that all coaches (if any players are picked up) have approved. If you have players you want to pick up from other clubs, then we can assist to send to the club/coach and COYSA for their approval. Depending on pick-ups, this process may take time, so ensure you start the process as soon as possible before the tournament.


OMYSA Tournament Team List document is available CLICK HERE.

Important Reminder: Ensure you have player ID cards for all players for Divisional teams (U14 to U18). If you are picking up players, ensure you get their card from the team they play on.