• Can players/parents see evaluation forms?
    1. No, these are for club use only and will not be released.
  • How to tryout if sick/injured/out of country/new to town?
    1. Players not able to attend Div A & Div B tryouts due to illness, injury or other extenuating circumstances are to notify the OMYSA Administrator by email prior to tryouts ending, with reason they are not able to attend the scheduled tryout dates. The Tiering Committee will review these players and place them on a “call-back” list at the committee’s discretion.
    2. All Div A & Div B teams will aim to leave 2 or more potential spots after the fall tryouts.
    3. Players on the call-back list will be notified by the OMYSA administrator.
    4. A second, “call-back”, try-out will be held in winter or early spring (date and venue to be determined annually). Only players on the approved call-back list will be invited to the second try-out. The Div A or Div B team head coach and at least one impartial evaluator team will assess these players and make a decision on whether to add them to their Div A or Div B roster or have them remain in Div C.
    5. Call-backs are NOT for players who forgot, didn’t perform well, chose other priorities, etc. over the initial try-out dates.
  • How many tryout dates are there for Div A or Div B?
    1. The main tryouts will be held over 2 days. Players are recommended to attend both tryouts dates.
    2. A second tryout will be held for “call-back” players only, in the winter or early spring.
  • Can players play up?
    1. OMYSA recommends ALL players play within their own age bracket. The OMYSA Board will only consider individual requests, if the player’s parent wishes to arrange and follow the policy and guidelines outlined by BC Soccer for playing-up (on the BC Soccer website).
  • Are Head Coaches allowed to be part of the evaluating committee for the team they are coaching?
    1. Yes, Head Coaches and an Evaluation Committee will assess players during tryouts.
  • Who will run the tryouts sessions?
    1. The Head Coach for each team will run the session.
  • When will coaches be selected for Div A or Div B teams?
    1. Coaching applications will be accepted in August/September. The coaching evaluation criteria and application is posted on the OMYSA website.
    2. Coaches will be named prior to try-outs.
    3. If the coach’s child is selected to the team, there appointment will be finalized. If the coach’s child is not selected to the team, he/she can decide if they would like to remain head coach or step aside. In the event that the coach steps aside, the position will be offered to the next highest ranking candidate from the coaching evaluation criteria.
  • How are teams selected/formed?
  1. Due to the competitive nature of tier one and for the benefit of player/team development it is important that tier one teams are formed with a team dynamic in mind. Players are encouraged to disclose their preferred position at the time of the tryout for reference purposes, which can be considered when forming the team.
  2. When the initial selection is made the team formation outlined on page 8 will be considered;
  3. This is the base selection that teams should be formed using and additional players will be added where needed/best suited.
  4. Team formation and playing position will be taken into consideration, but ultimately the best/most appropriate players will be selected.
  5. The team formation is purely as a guideline and players’ positions can be changed where necessary throughout the season. It is purely for selection purposes to help give the team/players the right balance to compete at the tier one level of competition.
  6. When a player is selected for the team they should be notified by the coach of their ‘probable playing position’. The player/parents should also be notified that although there is room for players to develop and play in other positions other than the position specified as their ‘probable’ position. They players should take into account that they could spend the majority of the season in that playing position when making their decision to join the Div A team.
  • How will players who have been selected for Div A or Div B be notified?
    1. All Div A & Div B teams will be posted on the OMYSA website (7-10 days following last tryout date).
  • When do players register for the season?
    1. Players selected to Div A or Div B will be required to register immediately after teams are posted.
  • Is there a chance to be “called-up” to Div A or Div B from Div C?
    1. If, thru injury or other unforeseen reason, the Div A or Div B team needs to call-up players to fill out their roster during the season, there must be an agreement between the affected Div A or Div B and Div C team coaches before the Tiering Committee would consider the request. Unless both coaches completely agree, the Tiering Committee will not support movement of players once the roster is named.
    2. A player on the team cannot be “bumped” from the team after being named to the roster.
    3. In U14 and U16 age groups, this is only possible prior to naming of rosters for Kelowna Cup.