1. Tiering is part of the community league (COYSA) we are a member of and involves players ages 10 and up (ie. boys & girls: U11, U12, U14, U16; U13/ U14 and U15/ U16 are combined).
  2. Central Okanagan Youth Soccer Association (COYSA) has six club members including Okanagan Mission Youth Soccer Association (OMYSA), Kelowna Youth Soccer Association (KYSA), Rutland Youth Soccer Association (RYSA), Westside Youth Soccer Association (WYSA), Lake Country Youth Soccer Association (LCYSA), and Kelowna United (KU). Aside from Kelowna United, the remaining clubs compete against one another. Each club run their own programs and are non- profit organizations. COYSA itself is a non-profit organization, has its own board, and is responsible for running the league.
  3. Depending on the number of teams in each age & gender group, there could be as few as one division or up to three divisions, organized as follows:
    1. Div A (BLUE) Division- A division designed for the more skilled & competitive teams who want to be challenged at the highest level of community league soccer. Teams participating in this division need to be able to compete with the best COYSA teams.
    2. Div B (WHITE) Division- A division designed for teams of competitive players who still need further skill development to graduate to Div A, but are too competitive for Div C.
    3. Div C (RED) Division- A division designed for teams of recreational players who don’t want to practice as often and/or are less competitive.
  4. Players are chosen for Div A (BLUE) or Div B (WHITE) teams after attending tryouts which are held in the fall.
  5. OMYSA will typically only enter a maximum of one team in each division of Div A. If there is overwhelming support from affected coaches, parents and players, a second team may be entered into a Division after review by the Tiering Committee. This will be on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Div C teams will train once/week and play one league game/week.
  7. Div A and B teams will have one mandatory training session/week and one voluntary training session per week.   All players are asked to make every effort to attend both training days for best player & team development.
  8. Div A teams play one game/week.
  9. Twice during the season (once after a set of 3-4 games of the season and again after a second set of 4-5 games), the competitiveness of the divisions will be re-assessed to re-tier teams up and down. Depending on how they play their sets of games, the following will happen:
  1. Win consistently and you either move up or stay in the A pool.
  2. Lose consistently and you move down.
  3. Win some and lose some, then you will most likely stay put or possibly move down.
    • It is important to recognize that moving up or down is based on your team’s performance relative to other tiered teams. The league does not want to have divisions with odd numbers (which introduces bye weeks), so if a team from a lower division is dominating their games, they will need to be moved up, and the team in the division above them with the weakest relative performance will have to be moved down.