OMYSA Div A Final Tryouts

OMYSA will be holding the final “Div A” Team tryouts on Saturday January 13th, 2018.  Please see the full schedule below.  Tryouts will be held at the Kelowna United Dome located at 4075 Gordon Drive.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your session.

8:00-9:00am:       U16 Boys (2002/2003)
9:00-10:00am:     U16 Girls (2002/2003)
10:00-11:00am:   U14 Boys (2004/2005)
11:00-12:00pm:   U14 Girls (2004/2005)
12:00-1:00pm:     U12 Boys (2006)
1:00-2:00pm:       U12 Girls (2006)
2:00-3:00pm:       U11 Boys (2007)
3:00-4:00pm:       U11 Girls (2007)