COYSA Waiver for City of Kelowna

As a member club of Central Okanagan Youth Soccer Association (COYSA) we would advise our registrants and membership that by registering your child and having them participate in any COYSA programs that you understand, confirm and agree to the following Waiver:

By registering my child and having them participate in COYSA programs I understand, confirm and agree to the following:

  1. Public Health Requirements: It is the agreement holder’s responsibility to comply with all rules and regulations from the City of Kelowna, Provincial Health Officer, Interior Health Authority, Provincial/National Sport Organizations, WorkSafe BC and any other authority or law designed to reduce the potential of contracting or transmitting COVID-19. Further, it is the agreement holder’s responsibility to meet changing or new COVID-19 regulations as the regulations are subject to change from the date of the rental booking to the date of the rental occurring.

Common COVID-19 measures to reduce the potential of contracting or transmitting the virus, include:

•Maintaining appropriate physical distancing
•Staying home if you have symptoms or are feeling unwell
•Washing and/or sanitizing your hands frequently
•Avoiding crowds and large gatherings
•Practicing respiratory etiquette – coughing or sneezing into sleeve
•Conducting self-assessment health checks
•Complying with all signage requirements as posted

Event Attendee Register:
•The Agreement Holder (Organizer) is responsible to collect and retain the first and last names and telephone number or email address of every patron who attends the event. This information will be retained by the Organizer for thirty days in case there is a need for contact tracing, in which case the information must be provided to the Medical Health Office. After thirty days, the Organizer must destroy the information.

2. Informed Consent: The agreement holder must understand the COVID-19 public health requirements, follow all appropriate health & safety measures, and communicate the following to their rental/league participants/members:

•is a highly infectious virus with a latent period of transmissibility during which time apparently healthy people can be infectious.
•is potentially fatal
•affects people of all ages

By participating in/at City services and facilities, I will be at risk of contracting COVID-19 despite any precautions taken by me or City staff. It is my responsibility, not that of program or facility staff, to understand my current health and limitations and to take appropriate additional precautions as required. I must also understand that if infected, I could be at risk of transmitting the virus to others and that this might occur before my own sickness has become evident. 

I (the Organizer) acknowledge the contagious nature of the COVID-19 virus and the public health authority’s preventative measures to reduce the spread. I further acknowledge the terms & conditions, guidelines and requirements that the City of Kelowna has put in place to mitigate risk to rental/league participants, members of the public and staff.